A brisk start to the year

Posted by Darren Panto on 1 March 2010 | 0 Comments

<p>It seems that 2010 has started quite briskly for many travel agents, and certainly tour operators are sounding positive. Busines has been coming in but the question is how much of that is due to the freezing weather conditions that the UK has been encountering, and how much is recovery or low prices? It seems short breaks are doing well, Canada is doing very well, and short haul ski has been slower than expected....perhaps due to the snowy conditions here or maybe the recession biting. </p><p>Whatever the reasons, momentum is crucial. It is now down to the skill of tour operators' marketing teams to keep punters booking and to put forward the idea that we should all be thinking of our next holiday, now. Disappointingly, discounts appear to be the main theme, rather than innovation - I truly believe that if the product fits, people will pay for it - as long as it represents value, not necessarily cheap. How many agents and operators are contacting their clients and asking if they are ready to book and escape the freeze? </p><p>Tonight I received the sad news that my 95 years old great aunt had passed away. An inspiration to all around her, she suffered the tragic loss of her husband early in their marriage and underwent major surgery many years ago for a brain tumour. Yet, incredibly, I never once heard her complain about anything. She simply got on with it and made the most of what she did have and found a new way of doing something if she was no longer able to do it the original way. I suspect most of us can learn from that.</p>