All in a lava

Posted by Darren Panto on 15 April 2010 | 0 Comments

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<p>What a strange phenomenon. A volcano in Iceland is spewing tonnes of volcanic ash into the sky and it is drifting acorss the UK, slowly. The result of this is that once again Iceland is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, only this time it really has brought Europe to a standstill. Well, at least as far as air travel is concerned. The real money apears to be on international flights re-starting in a couple of weeks, but we see everything postponed day by day, one at a time, officially. The implications are going to become clearer as time rolls on, with dire consequences for some, not least those in the travel industry and the travel news in Travel Weeekly (<a href=""></a>) , TTG ( and Travel Bulletin (<a href=""></a>) is likely to be dominated by stories coming out of the industry. Those with a sense of responsibility to their clients are likely to be the hardest hit, ironically. for those in the hotel representation and destination marketing fields, well, it is a case of wait and see. I'm not a fan of the "staycation", but it has some merit. Conversely, how will the fruit and products get to the UK if not by air? Watch the supermarket shelves empty, fast.</p>