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Black is back

Posted by Darren Panto on 7 September 2010 | 0 Comments

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An interesting last few weeks launching Mosaic Holidays new North Cyprus brochure. Feedback is extremely positive, and the travel agents love the quality, feel and contents. But does that mean they will support Mosaic? Well, the signs are encouraging, especially as the competition ignores us and grows very large. Mosaic is small, quality, personal - they are the key selling points, plus passionate about what they are doing. It shows from the top and works down. There is a real sense of pride, but it is hard work out there fighting for bookings. Hotels still think clients walk in off the street and ask for their destinations, their hotels and their prices - reality check please. It is dog eat dog - or differentiate, and that is what we are trying to do - differentiation through innovation and inspiration. Here's hoping!

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Jersey in the sunshine

Posted by Darren Panto on 3 June 2010 | 0 Comments

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Having been unable to attend the ill-fated Guernsey BRIGHT road-show due to extended fog delays at Guernsey Airport, I met up with four other BRIGHT members at LGW, and spent a total of nearly 8 hours stuck there. Flybe did their best and we were eventually re-booked for Jersey the following day. We arrived on early lunch time at Jersey and I proceeded to visit as many of the travel agents as I could that were due to attend the evening's training road-show. The temperature climbed during the afternoon all the way to some 84 degrees F and by the time I visited the last agency, British Airways Travel Shop, I was exhausted and very hot. Donna Le Blancq the shop Manager was very pleasant, in spite of the shop being busy, and I'm pleased to say that every agent I visited was charming. The evening was well attended, high quality and the food was excellent. The only disappointment was that one travel agent had too much to drink and did herself and the company she was representing no favours at all. However, it did not dampen "spirits" and I think i managed to hold my own during the first training seesion I have performed since working on bsiness evelopment for Mosaic Holidays ( Congratulations to Pat Thompson of Travelmaker who won herself a week's accommodation for 2 people at the Bellapais Monastery Village in North Cyprus on Bed & Breakfast basis. Congratulations also to Simone of Jules Boutin Travel who won a big bottle of Pimms and some Turkish Delight to enjoy with it, courtesy of Mosaic Holidays.

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