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Rain rain let's go away

Posted by Darren Panto on 27 August 2010 | 0 Comments

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August bank holiday is upon us and what can we say about the month? It rained almost every day. This, you would think, would spur people to book an holiday and seek sunshine abroad. Suddenly, the "staycation" doesn't seem much of a proposition and those singing about how well it is doing, must feel like Edwina Curry. Yet I'm hearing across the industry that sales are lower than expected, and the lates market is not there like usual because there is not much quality availability; prices are dropping. This is there for all to see, though there is thankfully less to sell. The absolute peak summer school holidays have sold well, yet prices for Egypt and Turkey were dropped too early by those afraid to wait. Can't blame them, but when you have demand you need to be able to capitalise and yield it to the maximum. Visited some travel agents this week and none were busy, though there was a gentle air of optimism as the rain continued to soak me every time I left my car. Everyone loves the new Mosaic Holidays ( North Cyprus brochure so that is really encouraging, and we are well positioned to take advantage of early bookings for next year to this unspoilt haven. Happy Bank Holiday and here's hoping for a strong September.

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Off on holiday

Posted by Darren Panto on 13 June 2010 | 0 Comments

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Well, nearly finished packing and only taken 3 hours (and the rest). Off to Portugal tomorrow and the builders are movig in here tomorrow. Enough rubbish to fill a skip - and reckon we've packed enough to fill a skip too. My bag weights 14kgs, and the kids weigh the same, twice, and they are only little. Emily is excited to be flying on an orange and white plane, Alex (two years old) wants to know if there is food on board, and I'm wondering how the Iceland situation is and whether I shall be luckier departing the UK this time than I was when fog-bound for Guernsey last week. Wow, need an holiday after this stressful day.......

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