Kiss Goodbye

Posted by Darren Panto on 19 August 2010 | 0 Comments

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<p>Well, another one bites the dust. The demise of Kiss Flights could perhaps have been foreseen, following the standing down of Noel Josephides of Sunvil, the "champion" for Viking / Meridian / Kiss - I'm not sure which it was and who is who, but can there really be no connection? I do not know, but am sad that once again an airline fulfilling a gap in the market has come down all too quickly and peoples' job have vanished overnight. Once more, the power is in the grip of the big two operators / airlines, with Monarch standing on its own as the charter champion, yet with some reluctance towards it in the market, apparently. The latter's aircraft are larger than ideal for mid-haul destinations in the eyes of smaller independent tour operators, and their handling of the volcanic ash crisis upset many. However, they are still around and should be in a stronger position right now. As for Mosaic Holidays, they had only a few clients booked on affected flights and these were protected immediately with clients being, for once, very understanding. Turkey continues to prove popular with families and couple alike - especially around Christmas.</p>