New iRiS Valet set to revolutionise the hotel guest experience

As hoteliers look for new ways to enhance the guest experience, Iris Valet presents an innovative solution that not only exceeds guest expectations but is also a revenue generating application.

The iRiS Personal Valet is a real time communications hub providing instant, easy access to information such as the hotel’s menus and facilities as well as local attractions and destination information.

Using the specially programmed iPad, guests can order room service, book a spa treatment, request a wake-up call, browse and book city tours or shop online, all in the privacy of their room.

The application also tracks guest behaviour allowing hotels to concentrate resources on providing better service by automating facilities such as room service and housekeeping requests.

"The IRiS Personal Valet was created to add to the hotel experience for guests and to provide business intelligence to hoteliers" said Chris Atkin, COO & Regional Director for MENA, iRiS Software Systems. "It offers an interactive wireless device that gives guests complete control over their environment from room temperature and lighting to requesting a baby cot, all through a single device. It also provides the hotel with the flexibility to adjust menus, recommend dishes and up-sell, all at the touch of a button".

The iRiS Personal Valet also opens up external revenue streams from affiliated partners, local venues, shops and services, which can be backed up by detailed and robust analysis of trends and demographics to recognise usage and enable campaign planning. It allows for upselling and increased spend of room service orders - just as a sommelier will recommend an appropriate wine to accompany a dish,  so will the iRiS Personal Valet for room service.

"From the hotelier’s point of view, as well as creating a genuine wow factor, this application is fully customisable and has been designed to help hotels increase revenue, reduce costs, improve guest service and monitor the performance of guest facing departments" said Atkin.

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Posted on 05/07/2011