It is not always possible, nor indeed necessary, to have your own office and personnel here in the UK. That is why we are pleased to provide a full, or as full as you require, representation service on your behalf. We provide a whole host of services, opportunities, openings including full PR service according to your requirements. We can even arrange dedicated travel agent Roadshows, press and product launches, press trips and more, as well as opening doors that may have previously been firmly closed to you. We know the key tour operators, from small, quality niche specialists to mass market, as well as the travel agents that are the highest sellers, personally and visit them as little or as often as necessary, while always maintaining the relationships. We can even help you to formulate a strategy and provide the whole service including online marketing, advertising and more. We will always be flexible and listen to what you want and ensure you are proud to have us working on your behalf. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.